Every now and again we come across a discarded item which may have outlived it's usefulness to it's owner, but which we feel is possessed of a special beauty. Instead of just sending these things on to the oblivion of the recycling plant or the landfill , we decided to dedicate a page to celebrating that beauty. We call it, "Garbage as Art".

Where we have information about the piece, we include it in the notes. Where we have no information, we just guess so we can't vouch for the accuracy of the captions. Hey...we're sanitation people... not curators! However, if you think you have knowledge about a piece, contact us, and if your guess seems more plausible than ours, we'll make the changes. Indicate whether you'd like credit.

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Anchor Label Adjustment Wheel Lenses CC Filters Handle Novelty Lamp
Bust Wine Label MGM Logo DuKane Logo Film Drive Movie Still Mask
Synchronizer Sight Hole Pantograph Hub Inscription Father Knickerbocker Jack Tines
Handle Back Rest Brackets Wheel
*For an interesting art-related site featuring recycled cigarette machines, visit: www.artomat.org
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