The Royale is in demand anywhere first class accommodations are called for. An outstanding example of engineering and design, a Norsic Royale would be appropriate for service at any event, no matter how formal or fancy. The Royale is especially well suited for a high volume of traffic. The amenities include flush commodes, an air conditioning/heating system, a stereo system, private rooms, hot and cold running water, liquid soap dispensers,towel dispensers, lighted makeup mirrors and separate entrances for the men's and ladies' sections.
Total Footprint L 30' x W 16' x H 12' including stairs, trailer tongue and hitch, 4' foot traffic clearance Color
Accommodations Ladies side: 4 commodes, sinks and mirrors in 4 private cabins.
Men's side: 2 commodes, sinks and mirrors in 2 private cabins, 4 urinals and a double sink with grooming mirror in common area.
Capacity The number of guests any unit can accommodate will vary greatly according to the legnth and nature of the event. Please contact our representative to discuss your specifics.
Electrical Power Unit operates on two 110/125 volt, 30 amp circuits. These circuits must be
dedicated and not used to power any additional equipment
Electrical Connections Requires two (2) power cables with NEMA L5-30 connectors. (Click)
Generator Required where adequate power is not available at the location. (Click)
Water Supply Unit has a standard garden hose connection. A spigot with compatible connector and functioning turn-off valve is required. Onboard water is available. Onboard water is available at additional charges.
Auxiliary Water Supply Required where water, or adequate water pressure (30-60 psi), is not available (Click)
Options Amenity package, attendants, flowers
Interior Photos:
Separate cabins provide maximum privacy; clean, foot-flush commodes and hand sink with vanity. Men's accommodations include urinals with privacy barriers and grooming area with sink and lighted mirror.
All sinks can provide hot and cold, running water.
Whimsical and colorful these early 20th century sheet music decorate the walls of our .Royale rental units. Not reproductions, they're a little bit of American entertainment history and sure to delight the nostalgia buffs among your guests.
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